We all know that all brands claim that they make waterproof grill covers, but how can you trust them!

Hence, it is always advised to pick out a reliable and trustworthy brand and use their grill covers then!

Here we have one such suggestion for you and it is this 36″ DCS Freestanding Grill Cover – ACC-36!

Qualities Displayed by 36″ DCS Freestanding Grill Cover

It is crucial for you to have and choose the grill cover that is made of all PVC material and remain to stay composed of 400 denier polyester backing!

And these same construction material qualities are present in this recommendation.

Furthermore, this reviewed cover is honestly carrying the rating and ranking of being called a UV level 4 cover.

It gives the desired and needed protection to your built-in grill.

Package Included

1 x 36″ DCS Freestanding Grill Cover – ACC-36