We have this Napoleon Charcoal Professional Grill model for you.

This is a latest and advanced version of a traditional charcoal grilling model.

Features of Napoleon Charcoal Professional Grill

This grill has all the professional features that you are looking for in a charcoal grill model. Furthermore, it is known for its durability

It is made by using stainless steel material and ideal to be used in every environment.

This grill comes with an adjustable charcoal bed and it has these sliding air vents so that your heat management process comes out to be breezy enough.

The presence of slide-out ash, as well as drip pan, makes the overall cleanup job of this charcoal grill simple and convenient enough.

If you want to plan out and arrange a big BBQ party session time at your end, then try out this charcoal grill model now.

Package Included

1 x Napoleon Charcoal Professional Grill