You might be wondering why to purchase this Prestige® 500 Natural Gas Grill, here you can check out the review about this product.

Specifications of Prestige® 500 Natural Gas Grill

First of all, this grill has four main and primary burners. These burners are available in the form of a side burner and infrared burner.

The best part is that this grill offers spacious and ample cooking space. You can cook and prepare thirty hamburgers at one single time.

It has 7 stainless steel sear plates so that the cook is given extra surface area for any kind of drippings coming from your food and thus be able to manage and avoid flare-ups.

We suggest you have this natural gas grill as it works seamlessly, easily, and professionally. It is here to further improve and up your cooking grilling game.

Package Included

1 x Prestige® 500 Natural Gas Grill

Fuel Types

Natural Gas, Propane