The Essential Maintenance Guide for All Grill Lovers

Essential grill maintenance in Palm Beach County | Grill Tanks Plus

If you love hosting, I am sure you have a grill that you use often. And if you don’t have a grill and are located in Palm Beach County, Grill Tanks Plus introduces you with a great appliance. Grills are becoming common due to their energy-saving properties, and they prepare food quickly. Instead of roasting chicken for an hour, the grill will make it in ten minutes. 

To get good services for your grill, you need to put in some work in maintaining and cleaning it. It does not matter the type of grill you are using; it will serve you for several years to come with proper essential grill maintenance. The good part is that it is easy to clean and maintain.


Essential grill maintenance tips 

1. Cover the area with canvas

Before you start any cleaning, spread the area with a waterproof canvas. Cleaning can be messy from the food that remains on the grill falling all over. This can make your verandah and grass look messy filled with grease. Secondly, fill a bucket with water and an excellent cleaner to remove the grease. 


2. Detach the gas tank

Remove the gas tank and check whether it is empty. If it is, refill it later.

3. Remove any food debris in the grill grates.

The grill grates are the first contact to food when cooking. The first step is to turn the heat and burn any leftover food. Secondly, remove food stuck using a hardwire grill brush. You can use warm water to clean the rest of the greasy parts.

Take out the grates, rack,flavorizer bars, drip pans, and grease pallet. Soak them in a large bucket filled with warm soapy water.


4. Take out the burner tubes.

Some gas grills are detachable. Use a small screw to remove them if they are not detachable and cover them with foil paper.


5. Cleaning the Pellet Grill

Cleaning the pellet grill is optional. If you are cleaning, remove the pellets from the pellet bin, including those in the firebox. Avoid any contact with water or moisture as they may break down to give new problems.


6. Clean the Inner side of the grill to remove carbonized remains

Scrape the lower side of the grill to loosen and remove carbonized waste. Clean the firebox with a vacuum.


7. Gas line

The gas line gets filled with debris and dirt. Clean it with a toothpick covered with a paper towel.


8. Wash Inside the Grill

Soak a gentle detergent in warm soapy water. Use this to wash inside the grill with a soft sponge to avoid metal sponges as they may scratch the stainless steel.

9. Lower Cabinet

Some grills contain a lower cabinet. Use a broom to sweep out leftovers or leaves that have fallen inside.

10. Clean the Outer Part of the Grill

Use the same mixture you used inside the grill. You can add some white vinegar to the water to clean the stainless steel.

11. Clean the chimney of the Pellet grill

For a pellet grill, remove the cap and soak it in warm water. Clean inside the chimney using a cover. Clean the temperature probe located inside the firebox gently so that it can read the correct readings.

12. Scrub any soaked parts

Scrub any soaked parts you had put away. If they are hard to clean, pour a little vinegar or baking soda. Let it sit for 20 minutes, scrub then, finally rinse them with clean water.

13. Lubricate

Lubricate moving parts to avoid rusting, and it will enable easy movement.

14. Sprinkle your grill gates with water

To keep your grill grates in good condition, sprinkle them with water when they are still hot. Any stuck food or sauce will quickly come off when wiped.


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If grilling is your thing when guests come over, you need to have the best appliance for the job. If you are in Palm Beach County, Grill Tanks Plus is the shop to visit on all things devices. To enjoy your grill for longer, learn some essential grill maintenance tips.