Best Grill Cleaning Methods


Are you here to learn the best grill cleaning methods every grill owner should adopt? Our team at Grill Tanks Plus has outlined clever cleaning hacks to obtain a sparkling grill. However, if you need more sophisticated grill cleaning and the best grill service repair, we are just a phone call away!

Best Grill Cleaning Methods

The best way to start cleaning your grills is to read the manual that came with it. All grills aren’t the same. There are tons of brands with different burners, cooking valves and grates, and heat disbursement systems. Hence, the best and most reliable source of cleaning advice is from the manual. You can find a manual with any grill you purchase. The manual will contain a complete breakdown of how to re-assemble and disassemble them for a comprehensive cleaning. So, before you start to clean, check for the manual first.

Cleaning After Each Use

Each time you finish preparing a meal with your grill, do well to remove the grate and clean the heat plates over the burners. It could be stone briquettes, metal or steel plates. You can clean them with a stiff brush or soap. How to do it:

  • Scrape Off Your Grates With A Brush- Depending on what your cooking grate is made of, it’s best to brush them differently. You can utilize stainless steel scrubbers. They work well on all models of the grill. While many might do it before working on their grill, we’ve seen that it’s better to do it after. But before you make any attempt to clean it, allow it to cool. After, brush the grates and get rid of all residual grease and food.

Annual Cleaning

Finally, the annual cleaning of the grill is quite vital! What does that involve?

  • Annual Maintenance- Twice a year, carry out complete maintenance. But if you are a grill enthusiast, then get it done every quarter of the year.
  • Items To Use- Grill degreaser, grill paint, stainless scrubber, stainless cleaner, shop vac, putty knife, venture brush, razor blade, and drill bit.
  • An Optional Step- You could invest in a handheld wire wheel. It aids in restoring your grill to new.

Start by removing the working parts out of the grill to clean. Remove the burners and heat disbursement system, and cooking grates. Then set a towel aside. You can use a household cleaning agent to maintain its look. Then use the steel cleaner to keep your grill shiny and nice. Once again, read your manual for a thorough guide. Later, spray a great degreaser, and allow it to sit for a couple of minutes, then use your razor to remove it. After that, use a shop vac to get rid of the debris. But there’s more to what you can do if you don’t have the luxury to do this.

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