How Do Grease Fires Start Inside Your Grill and How to Put Them Out

How Do Grease Fires Start | Grill Tanks Plus

As per the NFPA research, gas grills account for about 84% of all grill fires. 33% of these are as a result of failure to clean the grills and therefore a grill fire can easily be prevented, and all you need to do is identify the reason behind the fires.

How do Grease Fires Start?

Gas grills are designed to produce flames. You may think that your grill is always on fire, but that is not the case. Technically, a grill fire is a controlled fire and the only thing that’s burning is the gas that’s supplied by the fuel.

Here’s Why Grease Fires Happen

Due to Grill Buildup

Grease fires are extremely common. When you let grease build up on your grill surface, it’s likely to catch on fire when you are cooking. When cooking meats, the fat melts on the grill, and then it drops to the surface below.

When the grill is turned off, this grease solidifies on your grill surface, and with time, it can liquefy and then vaporize.

How Can You Prevent Grease Fires?

If you find yourself having more flare-ups than normal, then you probably haven’t cleaned your grill in a while and this excess grease buildup is pretty dangerous. You should do the following;

  • Check the drip pan frequently.
  • Clean your grill grates before and after each use
  • Check on the grill leaks.
  • Perform routine deep cleaning.

How to Extinguish a Grease Fire

If you end up with a grease fire, the first thing you should do is try to remain calm. Do not panic. This will only make things worse and you will end up doing the wrong thing;

Do not use water

Water is probably the quickest way you know to put out a fire, but oil and water do not mix. Using water on the grill fire will cause the fire to spread. What water does is displace the grease and then it flashes the steam carrying the grease and fire with it.

Turn the Gas Off

Try and remember to do this when there’s a grill fire. Turning off the burner controls the fire somewhat and you will be able to shut off the gas supply from the valve.

Use Either Baking Soda or Salt

If you are not comfortable letting the bure burn out, then you can use some baking soda or salt to put grease fires out. You should however only use baking soda when the fire is small and salt for a moderate fire.

Use a Fire Extinguisher

You probably have a fire extinguisher that you have never used. It’s now time to use it. When you remain calm, you will remember to use it. Panic causes your mind to forget that you have a fire extinguisher.

Call 911 Immediately

If you cannot put out the grill fire, call 911, and in case anyone was hurt, they will be able to come and help.