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No one cleans grills like we do … of course. We been at it for a long
time and have all the best tools for the job. However, if you would like to try
here’s what you need to know.

1.    Start by dismantling the BBQ Grill. This
involves the grates, metal flavor or briquette tray, burners and drip pan. BBQ Grill Burners
Scrubbingng with a heavy duty scrub pad will get a
lot of it done. Make sure no holes are clogged so that grease can get into the
drip pan correctly.


3.The cooking
can be tough too. Sometimes not though depending on how long it’s
been since its last cleaning. Here you will need to get detailed in your
cleaning because there are many nooks and crannies to get into. We use a drill with a wire wheel and that makes it so much easier. Soaking them
with hot soapy water for a bit is a good idea. There are many cleaning agents
that will work, but Vinegar is good if you want to stay away from heavy duty

4.    The Valve Orifice also needs attention. You can
remove the burner and check that no obstructions exist such as spiders or other
insects (another reason to clean your outdoor grill. We know from experience how
much bugs love BBQ grills. It is best to consult the owner’s manual for this.
There are certain tubes “Venturi Tubes” you will see and they are to be left


5.    With the burners
the most important thing is making sure none of the holes are clogged. A lot of
grease clogs them and this will diminish, if not eliminate its functionality. You
can use many things like a nail, tooth pick or even drill, but be sure not to
make the holes bigger.

6.    Check the igniters
to make sure they have a fresh battery and that the electrode is one-eighth of
an inch from the burner to generate a spark (not necessary with electronic

7.    Check the igniters battery or replace it with a
fresh one. It can be tricky to get the igniter to spark sometimes. This is
often due to the igniter being to far from burner. You want them 1/8 inch away.


8.    Flavor
trays and briquettes are to be cleaned with a brush. A good trick to is to turn
the briquette upside down to burn off the waste.

9.    The
hood can be cleaned and polished with many different products. Sheila Shine is
good, but again a vinegar solution can work well here.

And done. This is a time consuming and messy process  that’s why so many people leave it Grill
Tanks Plus to do, and we are happy to do so!


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