Simple Steps Towards Proper Grill Rack Replacement

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Doing barbecue grills create many outdoor memories between family members and friends. Therefore, they are supposed to be well maintained. Cast-iron grates, after some time, will corrode while the porcelain grates will also chip away after some time, likewise to stainless steel replacement grill grates. If you realize that your grill racks have rust, chipped away, and are hard to clean, you should consider a  grill rack replacement.

Check the Size for Grill Rack Replacement

Securing the size of your grill grates is the first step towards performing a bbq grill rack replacement. As you install the grill grates, you need to understand that not all grill grates fit in any grill. Always compare the model and size of the bbq grill replacement grates before purchasing.

Before you do the installation of your grills, follow the steps below to choose the rack size for your grill:

If your cooking grates are original

  •   First, check if your cooking grate’s length and width are similar to your original size
  •   Note that the grate could be divided into 2/3/4 small pieces. Most vendors’ description shows the size of one piece, including the entire size, like the one for weber grill rack replacement.

If your cooking grates are not original

  •   Make a grill groove for reference and to make sure it is well-fitted. The cooking grates’ length needs to be shorter than the grilling groove.
  •   To get the grill grates that fit your grill perfectly, always measure the surface of your grill and calculate which grates are perfectly fitting.

Additionally, as you measure the width of your grill groove, consider the following; when you are measuring your groove grill’s inside, your cooking grate’s width you choose must add an inch based on the distance of your grill’s inner width. On the other hand, as you measure the inside of your grill groove, your cooking grate’s width must be minus an inch based on the outer width distance of your grill.

Remove the warming rack.

First, remove the warming rack by lifting it away from your grill grates. They are usually fitted together, so it should not be tricky doing it.

Remove old grill grates.

The old grill grates also need to be removed after the warming racks before installing the grill grates.

Install new grill grates

After removing the warming racks and the old grill grates, install new grill grates by putting or placing them carefully on the rear shelves and the grill box’s front.

Secure and reinstall the new warming rack

With the new grill grates installed at the bottom of the grill, return or reinstall the warming rack on top of the new grill grates.

The process of grill rack replacement is a simple one. With simple follow-on instructions, you will be done with it, and you can use it for any kind of replacement grills or replacement smoker racks. However, if you are not careful enough to check your grate’s size and your new grate grills, you may need to go back to your vendor for a replacement with the correct size. Therefore, always check on the sizes first.