What To Do With An Outside Grill During A Hurricane?

Propane tank storage

It is essential to know proper propane tank storage in the case of a hurricane. There is a much greater chance of damage to your propane tanks or house gas lines during these storms. Knowing how to store your propane tank properly and grills can help you protect yourself from injuries, potential fires, or explosions. Your installers will give you a manual that explains how to safely secure the tank and storage for when a storm occurs. If you are unsure about anything, contact your local fire department for advice on what to do during hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Managing the Risk of Hurricanes to Propane Tanks

Underground tanks are more secure from high winds, flying debris, and flooding. During hurricane season, you have to be very careful about propane storage. The tanks are big, heavy, and high winds and flying debris can easily knock them over. If you store your propane tank outdoors, always ensure to turn off the valve so the gas won’t leak. Accidentally turning on the valve can result in a fire or explosion. Keep the propane tank away from anything that may potentially combust it, like heaters or open flames. Ensure to listen to local authorities if you have to leave your house. You can have an expert check for leaks and tank damage when coming back.

Propane Tank Storage

Propane storage is vital for your safety and those around you. If you have underground tanks, ensure to safely secure them down or move them to a safer location. If you have above-ground tanks, tie them to trees or columns on your house so that high winds won’t topple them. Ensure to safely secure your propane tank down outdoors or put it on cinder blocks so the wind will not overturn it. Proper propane tank storage will avoid potentially dangerous situations if you have underground tanks. You can tie above the ground tanks to trees or columns of your house. You may also store it inside the car’s trunk, provided it’s outside. Storing propane tanks in the garage is not recommended because propane is volatile and flammable. Instead, use outdoor areas that are dry, open, and well-ventilated.

What Should I do with My Grill?

Many people who have grills may be concerned about what to do with them as a storm approaches. If you have a propane grill, you can move the grill inside during a storm. The safest gas grill storage is in a garage or basement because the extreme winds could blow it into a house window. Tie the grill down before storing it. If you have no choice but to put your propane grill outside, try putting something heavy on it like bricks or rocks so that it doesn’t get blown away if there is an extreme wind gust.

Keep Your Family and Property Safe

Protecting your propane tanks from strong winds, floods, and even theft is more important than you think. Proper propane tank storage will prevent you from having issues with the local fire department or, worse, from causing a catastrophe. Proper propane tank storage is essential, in addition to securing your grill and turning off all gas valves to protect lives and property. You should never store propane tanks indoors, as they can cause severe fires if struck, knocked over, or ignited.